Steal Her Style - Reece Witherspoon

Steal Her Style - Reece Witherspoon
Hello Ladies! 
We hope you had a lovely weekend!
If you're anything like us you'll be planning you're next outing now to get rid of the mid week blues! This week we have a very special steal her style post dedicated to the beautiful Reece Witherspoon.
Our favourite actress was photographed at the Emmy awards wearing a custom Stella McCartney teal blazer dress and she certainly wowed the crowd. Her look was sophisticated, sexy and let everyone know she was there to win. She definitely was channeling Elle from Legally Blonde.
Can't afford the Stella McCartney price tag? No problem - our brand new Forever Unique Judith Blazer Dress has brilliant similarity to Reece's dress, but is just £164.99! What a steal to rock her look!
Although the Judith dress is similar in colour and shape, it has a few more touches to give you an individual look! The velvet material is the trend of the moment, perfect for winter nights out and keeping ahead of fashion! The gold button detailing is also show stopping, catching everyone's eye! We know this would be the perfect dress to take you from dinner to the club!
 Judith Forever Unique Dress
We hope you have enjoyed our 'steal her style' and it helps you plan your outfit for the weekend! 
Lots of Love,
Twenty Six Fashion x

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