Battle of the sweater dresses- Outfit Review

Battle of the sweater dresses- Outfit Review
Hello Ladies!
Autumn/winter fashion is upon us and it's time to get serious. We've had two brand new arrivals which are a must have for your winter wardrobe!
Our favourite brand Soaked has delivered yet again with the Agneta sweater dress, BUT, so has Tommy Hilfiger with the amazing Studded H sweater dress!
Can't break the bank for both? No problem! Let me give you a sweater dress breakdown! 
The Tommy Hilfiger Studded H sweater dress is the perfect dress down day saviour. Paired with a cool pair of trainers, it will take you through your daily errands in style. The hood is perfect for temperamental British weather as well as a chic feature. At just over the £100 mark, this is a little of a splurge, but one that will definitely pay for itself.
Looking for something abit more girly? The Agneta sweater dress from Soaked is what you need. Perfect for lunching with the girls or a cool night out in Shoreditch, this will take you from week day to weekend. Pairing this with biker boots or trainers you can never go wrong! The floral embroidery is so on trend and everyone loves a little black sweater dress. At under the £100 mark this is a definite steal. However, as I have discovered at my height of 5,3", this sweater dress is for the long legged ladies out there. However, I still love it and if I was blessed with taller genes it would be in my wardrobe. 
Overall? We love both! With different positives, we understand it's hard to decide. The Tommy 'H' dress is the perfect run around dress for the sportier look and the Soaked Agneta dress is the go to dress for lunching with the girls.
What one will you go for? Let us know!
Love Twenty Six Fashion x 

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