5 Ways to Style Jumpers

5 Ways to Style Jumpers

Hello Ladies!

Transitional season between Winter and Spring is indeed the time when our fashion choices become quite limited. Most people only see us in our coats and layering besides our puffy jacket has become pointless. 

That’s why we’re bringing you five ways to keep yourself stylish in our favourite transitional apparel.

1. Colour Contrasting

Sometimes wearing contrasting colours is the easiest way to make a statement. And with jumpers, it’s no different. Our Knitted Lip Jumpers will keep you comfortable and warm with that quirky feel. Perfect for a casual weekend brunch.

2. Jumper Dress

In need for something party-ready? You don’t have to compromise on warmth. Pick our colourful Religion Crescent Multicolour Jumper and style it with chic over the knee boots. This outfit feminine, pretty and easy to pull off. Accessorise with a nice cross-body bag and throw on some knee high boots and you’re ready to go!

3. Spiced Up Casual

For a casual yet trendy look, pair your favourite jumper with ripped jeans. Whether you love them or hate them, ripped jeans are the style you will rely on for making your lazy days look trendy. Pair them with our gorgeous Baby Blue Ruffled Jumper that will make you feel stylish even before you’ve had your first morning coffee.

4. Hot Jumpers

Do nights out and jumpers sound like complete opposites? Think twice. Our delicate French Wide Knit Jumper will have you ready to hit the dance floor. Wear it with leather leggings, pencil skirts or jeans. For styling with shorter skirts, make sure to tuck it in and finish with some chic boots.

5. Long Live Pastels

The world of pastels has so much to offer. Associated with luxury, femininity and gentleness, pastel colours are certainly a classic. With variety of options to pair them with, pastel jumpers are the easiest to style. Wear them with skirts for a chic dinner look or with jeans for a collected casual feel.  If you’re a fan of baby pink like we are, opt for our Knitted Bobble Fashion Jumper. With cute bobbles on the sleeves, it’s a piece that needs no jewellery and will have you chic and ready the moment you wear it.

What’s your favourite way to style jumpers? Leave us a comment below!

Lots of love, Twenty Six Fashion


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